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Welcome to Labkable




『Quantum Burning Technology(QBT)ケーブル』の慣らし処理は、電子化された超帯域幅0Hzから100Kzの周波数処理を行う量子ケーブル焼付け機『Telos Audio Design』によるもので、ケーブルのすべての結合導体を永続的かつ効果的に慣らし処理できます。




Labkable is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in hi-end and Luxury audio cable and accessories launched in 2009.
Through the years of extensive research and development,
we provide tailor-made solutions and make use of our special sound tuning technology in the audio cable and
applied to our IEM and headphone cables for superior sound quality.

At Labkable, our ultimate goal is to provide you with
quality audio cables of the highest possible value.

Each cable is exquisitely designed with the use of finest materials and carefully
handcrafted by experienced engineers in Hong Kong to ensure thorough
attention to details.

The Quantum Burning Technology(QBT)cable run-in treatment is from Telos
Audio Design, quantum cable burning machine with a computerized super
bandwidth 0Hz to 100Kz frequencies processing, it can permanently and
effectively run-in all the joins conductors of a cable. This year they
have upgraded to Version 3.1, it provides the better sound of the
dynamic and musical soundstage.



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